Antioch 2018

OK, congratulations, you got to our site!

That must mean you must be at least remotely curious about this thing called ANTIOCH, right?

So what is ANTIOCH?

Antioch is kinda hard to describe, but I am going to do my best.

First of all Antioch isn't really a thing, 

it's everyday ordinary people, just like you and me.
People, who realize that the best things in life are simply NOT things!

It's people that come together at St. Williams parish to help one another,

pray and support one another,

develop life long friendships with one another,

discover and learn from each other,

and a whole lot more.

You could read volumes
 about us, but there is a better way to find out who we are,

             MEET US!
Yeah, that's right!

Whats the big deal?

Worse case scenario is that you kill a weekend

meeting great people,

eating good food,

listening to cool stories,

laughing a bunch,

or maybe wiping a tear or two

from the cheek of your next best friend.

I could think of worse things to do!

Let me tell you how this whole thing started .

First of all, the word Antioch is the name of a little town found in the Bible which is the first place people were called Christians.

Over 30 years ago here at St William's, the Antioch Movement was originally introduced to help teenagers "Encounter God".

It was such a success that the teenagers decided to introduce the weekend experience to their parents. The adults loved it so much that they have had their own Antioch weekend once a year ever since! Some come here as a result of going to church everyday, while others come after being away for years. It really doesn't matter because this isn't about dragging people to church, its about


I can't really tell you everything that goes on during the weekend because it would spoil the surprise.

  Don't worry, nothing too crazy happens, we follow all the teachings of the church, have the blessing of our pastor Fr. Bob, but nobody said that encountering God couldn't be exciting...

... or even 

I can however, tell you some of the comments other people had after experiencing the Antioch experience

  • "I would describe this as an encounter with God"

  • "I experienced God in a totally new personal way"

  • "WOW!"

  • "How come nobody ever told me about this before?"

  • " This is one of the best kept secrets around, every Catholic that says their faith is boring has to do this"

So listen, you have always wanted to do something spontaneous right?

something different?

you say there has got to be more?

well there is!


there is only one thing missing...

...that's right, You!

Hope to see ya there!